Behind the Brand Part 1: Reach Robotics

We’ve all heard the stories. Google was named after the mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros. Apple’s iconic logo is a tribute to the father of modern computing, Alan Turing. Virgin was named after Richard Branson said, “we’re complete virgins at business.” It can safely be said, Richard Branson is no longer a virgin at business anymore.

Every company has a story behind their brand. This is ours.

Two years ago, Silas was teaching robotics to kids and teenagers. In the beginning, they loved building and playing with their robots but they quickly lost interest. Silas, a hardcore gamer, started integrating gameplay mechanics into his lessons. He discovered that by gamifying robotics, his students stayed engaged and interested far longer.

The idea of Reach Robotics was born.

As a 21 year old uni student, Silas wanted to revolutionize robotics, gaming and entertainment. It’s a near impossible goal for a seasoned veteran, let alone a uni student. The driving force behind the unnamed company was to inspire, to strive for something greater, and to create the things we had always dreamed of as kids. Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

It was really a no brainer. We very very quickly became Reach Robotics.

With every great company name, there comes a stand-out logo that embodies the company. Apple’s original rainbow apple with a bite out it, McDonald’s golden arches, and Nike’s iconic swoosh. We knew what we wanted the logo to embody. So we teamed up with YZ Designs and began to collaborate on what Reach Robotics logo would be.

We told YZ Designs our backstory and put forth the following requirements :

  • The “reaching for greater” idea had to be clear
  • “R” should be prominent
  • Logo should be easily recognizable

With that that little information, they showed us the following 5 designs.

Each logo embodied the attributes we provided. From here we chose one logo to iterate on withYZ Designs. Out of these five, we liked the big purple R the best. It was clean, recognizable, simple, and bold. Three things we wanted to embody.

From this point, we gave the designers some additional feedback.

  • The hands aren’t distinct enough
  • Experiment with other colors for the “R”
  • A logo that could fit into the Silicon Valley tech scene

They took the feedback and ran with it. Here is what they came up with:

Logo Iteration 2

We were getting very close to what we wanted. The Robotic hand wasn’t defined enough yet. So we went back to iterate on the design again.

Logo Design iteration 3

With one last iteration, we had a logo we could be proud of, a logo that is easily recognizable and unique. We toyed with loads of color combinations but decided on this shade of blue. It’s familiar, trusting and evokes a calming response from most people.

Reach Robotics Logo

The robotic hand reaching for the human hand. We’re reaching to create something new and never seen before, a new play experience. Reach Robotics was a name we could grow with as a company for a very very long time. Our logo demonstrated what we aspired to be.We will never stop reaching for the moon. Even if we miss, we will land in the stars. And the stars are a lovely place to be. (We know this doesn’t make sense astronomically but you get the picture 😉 )

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