YDLIDAR F4 and G4 are two LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors for environmental scanning, SLAM application… in other words, the sensors are designed for use in robot navigation.

The price range is $259.00 for F4 and $419.00 for G4. Both sensors are in direct competition with RPLidar A1M8(~$219.00) or RPLIDAR A2M6 (~$600.00).

I scan a little bit the specifications to see what is good and bad with these sensors:
the good

  • 12m scanning range (F4) and 16m scanning range(G4) – enough for autonomous robots in agriculture or construction fields;
  • both sensors include a safe low power infrared transmitter conforms to the FDA safety standard of Class 1 laser. This means that is safe to work with these sensors, the human eye is not affected;
  • only F4 uses a USB connection with a computer;
  • only F4 has complete drivers, supporting Windows, Android, ROS, and Linux system;

the bad

  • I try to find more information about who is the manufacturer. Their site is not completed and some links don’t work. The link to the Contact page will redirect you to something that can be called “About us”, while “About ydlidar” redirect to a 404 page. This could be interpreted as small details, but one question came into my mind – how this manufacturer will provide support and documentation for these sensors if they can not solve their own site problems?

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