Northwestern Student Recorded Alleged Sexual Assault on iPad

Calif. Gov. Signs Bill to Protect Confidentiality in College Sexual Assault Cases

A man was ordered held on $100,000 bond Sunday after he allegedly sexually assaulted a Northwestern University student in her residence hall.

Emmanuel Boadu, 26, appeared at the Leighton Criminal Court Building on a criminal sexual assault charge and has been barred from contacting the victim, reports The Chicago Tribune.

The alleged assault occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday at the Foster-Walker residence on the Evanston, Ill., campus where both Boadu and the victim live. Boadu works as a certified sterile processing technician at Northwestern and is a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The two agreed to meet at the woman’s apartment but Boadu was told ahead of time that it would be a “friendly visit” and that he shouldn’t expect to spend the night, according to prosecutors.

After the two went into a common lounge area, Boadu complained that he was tired and the victim went to her room so he could retrieve his personal belongings. Boadu then allegedly sat on the woman’s bed and refused to leave.

The woman began recording the incident on her iPad. After the woman sat down next to Boadu, he began touching her under her clothes while she repeatedly told him to stop and tried to move his hands away, prosecutors claim. Boadu got up and left the room but returned a short time later.

When the woman attempted to fight back against Boadu, prosecutors allege he turned off the lights and threw her back onto the bed where he pulled down her pants and continued to assault her.

The woman was able to fight him off and went to get help from Northwestern’s campus police, authorities said. Officers found Boadu in the woman’s room and arrested him, according to The Chicago Sun Times.

Police later listened to the audio recordings that depicted two voices along with repeated requests from the defendant to stop, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Eduardo Jaramillo.

Boadu has no prior criminal history and his next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.

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