Check out Basis: Our Free Robot Simulator for Windows

Hey guys,

Our startup has been building low cost robots and simulation software, with the mission of helping make robots more accessible and accelerating research in the field. Existing robot hardware is super expensive for hobbyists and researchers, and the software itself is a nightmare to setup and share, making its use hard to justify for projects that are exploratory, “for fun” or educational.

Plus let’s be honest, getting anything to run on Windows – still the most common OS – is a nightmare!

We’re releasing what we’ve been working on for free, hoping to get your feedback and ideas for future versions 🙂

Some cool features we focused on that we felt were missing or too hard to use on other platforms:

  • Robot joint motion manual control, data collection
  • Robot vision sensor data collection
  • Saving, exporting, and playback of recorded motion sequences
  • ‘Level building’ of custom scenes, including multiple robots
  • Importing of arbitrary CAD models
  • Python scripting to control any robot in a scene
  • Easy integration with computer vision and machine learning libraries
  • Saving, exporting, and loading of full scenes and simulation setups
  • Overall software ‘install and setup’ time that takes minutes, not days!

The webpage above also has screen-recorded tutorial videos showing some major features and functions.

Longer term we’re planning to develop software tools for general robot automation setup and planning, so creating a level builder is very important. We’re also looking to have more machines and robot models be importable and controllable for this purpose.

Anyways, thanks to anyone who tries it out, shares, and give us some feedback! I’ll be around to answer questions. Cheers!

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