Internal Gripper Projects or Schemes

Hello guys!

I’m looking for some examples of simple internal grippers for my project at university. I have many examples and schemes for external grippers, but none for internal, while my project requires internal gripper.

The only rule is that it has to be simple, because we will do some mathematic models and we will need to do some equations, and also it has to use pneumatics. This gripper will be used for some aluminum sleeves that weigh around 1-3 lbs.

Need 5 different schemes. Below I’m posting what I have for external grippers and maybe some of you would be able to help me how to change them into internal grippers or maybe you may give me some other examples.

Also any books that would be good at this topic will be appreciated!

Edit: I forgot… It has to be 2-fingers gripper and both of them has to be moveable by one actuator. Pneumatic actuator of course. Please help!

Also sorry, English is not my first language.

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