I’m the co-founder and CEO of Skydio. We make R1, a self-flying camera. AMA.

Hey r/robotics! Adam Bry here, I’m the CEO and co-founder of Skydio.

I grew up flying competition R/C aerobatics which drove my interest in engineering. My masters research at MIT culminated in a fixed-wing vehicle that could fly itself at high speed through a parking garage. After MIT I co-founded Google[X]’s Project Wing where I led the development of the core flight algorithms. In 2014 I co-founded Skydio with Abraham Bachrach and Matt Donahoe, both of whom I met at MIT.

We’ve been pretty quiet at Skydio for the last four years, but we just unveiled our first product, Skydio R1, a self-flying camera. R1 was built from the ground up for autonomous flight by a team of world-class researchers and engineers. R1 uses 13 cameras to see and understand the world around it so that it can fly safely at high speeds while avoiding obstacles, even in dense and challenging environments. It can see people and anticipate how they will move, letting R1 make intelligent decisions about how to get the smoothest, most cinematic footage in real-time. All of this is powered by the Nvidia TX1, meaning R1 can constantly predict a subject’s actions up to 4 seconds into the future to adjust its motion plan.

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