Unsolved problems in computer/robotic vision for mobile robotics focusing on scene understanding

Hey community, I’m a reddit newbie, so if there is any wrong in my post please tell me 😛 I already posted this in the computer vision sector, but perhaps here it is even better. Nevertheless, I hope you can help me somehow!!!

I have the possiblity to do a PhD in the field of visual perception. So far so good, but I should come up with some ideas :D. More precisely, it would be in the field of (industrial) robotic focusing on mobile manipulation. My background is a mixture of machine learning and computer vision but unfortunately almost nothing with robotics. However, this is also the challenge I’d like to face and combine somehow machine learning (also deep learning) and computer vision for robotic tasks (so not just running on datasets;) ) So far I worked on using a low amount of data to train perception classifiers. Well but with deep learning and now the hype around synthetic data, this field seems really run down.
The team I could work with already is pretty dense in the field of “rigid object pose estimation”, “navigation” and “path planing”. The direction should somehow go to understanding a scene the robot is looking to or sth like this 🙂 Soooo my question to you guys is, do you have any suggestions/ideas etc. of unsolved problems in let’s call it “robotic vision in mobile manipulation”. I thought about stuff like using the pose estimations for scene analysis (well but I am not sure what exactly to analyze and for what an industrial robot would need this), articulated object pose estimation (mh…for what reason, I think the joint states of a robot are pretty good?! and there are a lot of things already out there right?) or I came up with more special problems such as object detection in really cluttered scenes or in scenes where the obejcts are really close to each other (here to use something like deep trained object segmentation or something like this but well also there is already stuff out there). So you see, I have some ideas, but they are still really superficial, not really related to industrial mobile robotics and for the ideas there are already pretty elaborated solutions out there.

Perhaps you guys could help me with some ideas, reading recomendations and so on. I am really looking forward for some brainstorming and nice discussions here!

cheers and thx!!!

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