I’m releasing a library to help new roboticists jump into robotics with mini wifi drones

First off here’s the library: https://github.com/heidtn/py_wifi_drone

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately on how to get started with robotics. I’ve had this 20$ WiFi drone with a camera that I’ve wanted to hack for a long time and finally got working on python. I think it could be a nice way for people that want to jump into the software/computer vision side of things to start with a simple off the shelf system.

Right now there’s just a controller, but I’ll be implementing a full computer vision suite including egomotion, optical flow, fiducial tracking, calibration, and more. Feel free to fork the repo and if there’s anything you’d like to add, send me a pull request on github.

So far I’ve tested it on the fq777-954, but it should work with the Cheerson CX-10W drone, which I hear handles a lot better.

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