Anyone has experience with barcode scanners?

Let’s say there are cards printed with student information, such as ID #, age, test score, and weight. Each card has those info for a student in the form of 3 barcodes, but the barcodes might not be the same format (symbology), and they are in random positions on the card.

I need a PC application that allows an user to use a bar code scanner to scan the 3 barcodes on each student’s card, and print a label. The label will show a single barcode in a consistent format that contains the student info concatenated in a certain format. So if the student ID is 300, weight is 80, score is 20, the label single barcode will corresponds to 3008020.

The PC application needs to have dialog boxes that allows the user to manually input a certain field in case some barcodes cannot be scanned. Under normal use, the PC application should prompt the user to scan each student barcode, possibly via moving the cursor through different field boxes, which gets autofilled if successfully scanned.

Please tell me the easiest way to achieve this. I obviously need a barcode scanner, a PC, a suitable printer. But what about the software portion?


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