Looking to do a robotics project this summer, want to know what I should have

Hey, I’m a first year CompE student from Canada and I want to do something cool this summer that can also help pad my resume for next year maybe. I want to do some robotics because we had a project in one of my intro classes and it was very fun. I want to make something like a controllable car (no need for RC) and I want to know what to buy and where.

Stuff I have right now:

  • This Arduino kit with an Uno, a breadboard, a few resistors, caps, and LEDS as well as some sensors and phototransistors
  • a couple of PICs that I don’t know how to use
  • a soldering pencil
  • I can code in C (Java and python too if that’s useful)
  • a DMM

I’m thinking something like:

  • Various values of resistors and caps (what values to get?)
  • A bunch of LEDs
  • A couple servo or stepper motors (which one should I get?)
  • Maybe some ICs like 555 or some op amps?

Anyway I want to know what I’m missing out as well. Should I buy a power supply yet? Maybe some other project ideas? Thanks for the help!

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