New to autonomous closed-loop robots.

Hello, I read the Wiki/ FAQ, but I have some specific concerns. I have previously worked with Arduino and National Instruments sbRIO for robot platforms. The former was used in a remote controlled manner, and the latter was an open-loop autonomous robot.

I’m now trying to develop a wheeled robot that can travel to a set waypoint, but I’m having difficulty connecting the dots. My current idea is simply to turn and go straight, but even that seems to have some flaws. My entire system will have an IMU (for heading info), an indoor navigation (GPS basically) system, and encoded motors. Another thing I haven’t learned in classes is the timing of my control loops, so it seems that I might be overloading my controllers.

Could you please provide any references (or even good search strings) that I can look into? I guess specifically regarding how to tie my high-level control to my low-level control, how to design a feed-forward (I think mine is completely feedback at this point), how to consider the frequency at which the code should be running for my robot to work…

I’ve started looking into ROS, but I don’t know if this is necessarily even a good starting point. Additionally, I’ve browsed around robotics stack exchange, but I don’t think I’m using the right language/ search terms to find what I’m looking for.

Thank you in advance!

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