How good will this configuration work? (Vex Robot + l293d Driver motor)

Building a sumo-bot with 4 motors but only have 1 l293d. Specs sheet says that it supports 36 volts, so I’ll run that to the Vs of the chip. Additionally, I will connect 2 DC motors in series as shown on each channel, totalling to 4 motors in total.

I tried building it and it seems to work fine so far, but I’m afraid the 4 motors might reach some point which will want more current than the chip can handle and fry it. Is that an issue at all?

Here are some relevant specs:

393 DC motor, Stall current = 4.8A l293d IC, Peak current 2A per channel.

My friend said to add a resistor between the Vs pin (+ve Terminal of the 36V and ground) claiming it will limit current. Is that accurate? what are the downsides of this?

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