DMI’s EndZone for Education Real-Time Mobile Safety App

DMI, a provider of end-to-end mobility solutions, announces the availability of EndZone for Education, a solution that provides schools with situational awareness, real-time monitoring and response support to manage emerging threats.

EndZone has custom features designed to empower educators and students to play their part in school safety, according to the company. When tied in with physical security controls a school already has, EndZone can preemptively identify threats and prevent access to unknown and/or high-risk actors.

The solution is currently used by the U.S. government for high-risk situations and has been repurposed to meet the needs of educational institutions.

EndZone allows:

  • Students and teachers to report a safety concern, signal SOS or all-clear with real-time location, photo and video sharing.
  • First responders and administrators to disseminate targeted messages to alert people in a specific location or a particular group.
  • Administrators to create virtual perimeters around areas they want to manage such as school campuses, away-game stadiums or field trip sites.
  • Real-time analytics of social media to identify and mitigate threats.
  • Simple integration of existing security cameras to provide a real-time centralized view of school security.
  • Location-sharing capabilities for school security personnel to provide location-based directions to lead students and faculty to safety or to lead first responders to at-risk areas.


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