3D printed robotic arm. Any kits out there for the components or arms with updated suppliers?? 6dof(not neccesarily) with about a human arms length/reach (a bit smaller or longer is perfectly fine, but dont want something too thick)

I’ve ordered 2 sets of RBX1’s from Roboteurs (based off BCN3D’s moveo) but they seem to have died off probably (no posts in the last 9 months, facebook page hasnt had updates since 9 months ago, their contact email returns a “invalid email”), so I might have to cancel that.

I was hoping for a kit as I need to build this alongside other projects so sourcing and comparing parts really isnt something I have time for right now.

Don’t need much in terms of load, just need it to scoop some paste and place it somewhere else. something about a human arms length, and preferrably 6dof

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