Best path to robotics: Mechanical or Electrical Engineering? Something else?

Mechatronics and Robotics degrees aren’t very available in my area so I’m wondering which path makes more sense. Any insight would be very appreciated! 🙂

To add clarity, I’m interested in helping middle and high school kids learn how to turn their dreams into reality in the spaces of robotics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and general “invention”. I’d also like to possess the necessary skills/knowledge to get a job in the robotics industry, particularly in problem-solving and creating from scratch.

This degree, by itself, won’t include teaching credentials. I’m currently planning alternative teaching licensure for that. (A 20-30 credit program that grants teaching credentials to anyone with a BS.)

I also understand that the coursework is likely to exceed anything a middle/high school student is likely to need, but that’s okay. Overkill isn’t a bad thing here; it’s additional knowledge that may help.

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