Tesla crash and fatality discussion

New story from local ABC news station (Sorry if format of webpage sucks. I couldn’t fix it on any browsers I’m using)



The investigation into the fatal #Tesla crash continued today with the #CHP & #NTSB digging through the scorched EV ? https://abc7ne.ws/2GShYzE


Family of Apple engineer who died Friday in Tesla crash tells me he had complained to dealer that auto-pilot veered toward that same barrier on multiple occasions. #ABC7now See more in my investigation here: https://abc7ne.ws/2GShYzE

Caltrans statement:

“We are reviewing the facts and circumstances of this incident and are cooperating with the National Transportation Safety Board’s ongoing investigation. Safety is our top priority and Caltrans will carefully evaluate the investigation’s findings and take appropriate actions.”

Tesla statement and state of investigation:


I don’t think there’s much to say about the culpability of Tesla. He probably shouldn’t have used the auto pilot if it was causing problems at that location in the past. He probably should have been paying attention.

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