Business 2 Robots (B2R) industry starts using blockchain tech

SKYFchain is a concept developed by the SKYF team, they also have a SKYF cargo drone prototype for testing;

The idea:

The blockchain technology turns out to be a perfect solution for an operating platform. It collects all the information: what is happening with a drone and when; who carries the responsibility; what the delivery route will be, and many more.

The system:

One part of the SKYFchain is completely client-oriented. All the transactions are processed in traditional currencies, by a payment system convenient for the client. The interface is clear for everyone. The system changes the received money into the SKYFT tokens, as governed by the smart contract logic. Every transaction is recorded within the system, and these records cannot be damaged, hacked or deliberately altered in any way. Suchwise, the system is completely transparent and bullet-proof at the same time.

In other words, they will use a system that will change the traditional currency into SKYFT tokens. But who decides the exchange rate?