[Need Advice] Buying an onboard computer for my robot

Hello, I am building a robot and trying to come up with the computational requirements for sensor processing. Currently I have a kinect running with OpenCV and tensorflow to classify/locate objects. In addition to this, I have a LIDAR generating point clouds of the area. The system works fine on my desktop computer (thanks to some GTX 1080’s and a hefty cpu). However, I eventually want to run my sensor setup on an onboard computer on the robot. I’m currently looking into the Nvidia Jetson Tk1,tx1,or tx2 in order to process all the data, but I don’t know how fast it will be. Would it be better to just cut my losses and purchase an onboard laptop to run the system on the laptop, or can I get away with a lighter, more efficient, computer board? Thanks for your help!

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