An ultrasonic sensor for dirty applications

5V Waterproof Ultrasonic Module

5V Waterproof Ultrasonic Module

Now I build a 4WD outdoor robot and I was still thinking how to mount the Maxbotix’s ultrasonic sensors so that I don’t have problems with the dust and any other dirty things. Luckily, I discovered this waterproof sensor.

But there are some negative aspects. The sensor is blind for the first 25 centimeters and in many cases I have to deal with obstacles that may appear right in front of the robot (the wind pushes the tree branch in front of the robot).

As a positive side, the sensor is Arduino compatible and is working with 5V. The maximum range of the sensor is 4.5m, but some users seem to have some issue with the maximum distance. For me, a range of maximum 2 meters is much more than I would need. So, I should not worry about the maxim range.

Other important specifications:

  • resolution: 0.5cm;
  • it detects an obstacle at an angle less than 50 degrees;
  • acoustic emission frequency: 40khz;
  • pins: + 5V, Trig (control side) RX, Echo (the receiver) TX,
    GND (negative);

Otherwise, the sensor price is $14.99 without the cost of shipping.