Question about axial forces in a bearing with Mecanum wheel

Hi, my team is doing a purely conceptual project of a transport platform (see Kuka OmniMove or Donkey Motion Call The Donkey). We came to a disagreement on how the forces apply during a sideways motion.

Our assumptions are:

  • mass of the platform with load: 1500kg
  • top speed: 1m/s
  • acceleration: 0.5m/s2
  • wheel radius: 0.15m

I’ve studied mainly Tlale’s Kinematics of a Mecanum wheel. Now to my understanding the axial force that would have to be supported by the bearing is Fix, so for 30Nm od torque we’d get around Fix=94N.

But doesn’t friction play a more significant role? After all we’d have around 3750N of force that would push the wheel to the floor, it must produce some friction, or due to the build of the wheel it’s negated?

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