“Be a Maker” Companion App for Jibo is Here!


This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of Be a Maker, an exciting new companion app that teaches kids how to program by allowing them to code for their Jibo robot.

Be a Maker not only helps kids practice programming, but also challenges them to use logic, problem-solving and computational thinking — skills that can be applied to any field, not just technology. Most importantly, Jibo and Be a Maker will keep kids engaged, entertained and smiling while they learn.

Using a technology based on the open-source Scratch programming language, Be a Maker lets kids create customized programs for their Jibo robot to perform, giving them the opportunity to control everything Jibo says and does, selecting from lists of his signature sounds, screen animations and expressive movements. There’s also a number of guided tutorials, which kids can look to for inspiration, and then replicate and modify as they create their own programs.

Instruct Jibo to snap a photo at the touch of his screen, or to deliver a customized message, complete with emojis, body movements and sounds. With Be a Maker, kids can see their programs come to life in real-time, as Jibo performs the customized sequences they prepare especially for him.

Though it’s designed for kids ages 7-12, Be a Maker has something for everyone, and gives the entire family an exciting new way to interact with Jibo. By creating an inclusive, collaborative learning environment, family members of all ages and stages can take part, creating meaningful, memorable experiences with their Jibo robot.

You can learn more about Be a Maker here. Already have a Jibo? Download the Be a Maker app for iOS devices in the Apple App Store here. Be a Maker will be available for Android devices later in 2018.

Be a Maker is brought to you by Jibo Xtudios — a collaboration between Jibo, Inc. and CLOQQ.