Get More Out of Insights in Each Subscription Plan

Insights Custom Alert 2

Insights users can soon include their custom KPIs in their email reports! They will also receive alerts for specific user defined events that they want to be informed about in real-time. Gone are the times when you needed to calculate cycle time, Insights will be able to measure it for you!

This is another step forward to have user customize Insights to their specific production needs. You can soon include your own custom events in email reports and SMS alerts. Here’s how it will look like in the notification centre:

Plus, for those willing to give Insights a try, the free subscription plan will allow its users to have their top 5 KPIs on the performance timeline, which is a great way to start monitoring your robot performance.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.24.01 PM

Keep an eye out for the update!