Kinect with a Turtlebot3 Burger

Hello everyone, It’s nice to be here in /r/robotics. I hope I’m not in the wrong place for this inquiry, but if I am please let me know (and it would be great if you could tell me the right place to visit)

I’m working on a project that involves giving a robot a destination within a 20mX20m grid and has the robot navigate there, avoiding obstacles using slam data generated from an RGB-Depth Sensor. The robot and sensor I want to use are a Turtlebot3 Burger and an Xbox 360 Kinect. I have had a couple of concerns regarding POWERING the Kinect from the OpenCR board on the Turtlebot. I know that it has a 12V output port, but I wanted to know if anyone had done something like this before and could offer some advice. I’m still kind of new to robotics, so any insight regarding this would be a great help.


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