Video: NAPCO Shows Off SAVI Tool at ISC West 2018

In the years following the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, NAPCO Security Technologies, a manufacturer of security products, developed a self-auditing tool for both K-12 schools and universities to evaluate their campus security needs.

NAPCO showcased its SAVI (Security Access-Control Vulnerability Index) tool, alongside additional security products, at the ISC West show in Las Vegas last week. With ISC West happening just two months after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which pushed school security to the forefront of many state budget plans, the Amityville, N.Y., company has seen an increased interest in affordable ways for schools to keep their students safe without breaking the bank.

At the bustling show, Campus Safety executive editor Robin Hattersley met with Jorge Hevia, NAPCO senior vice president of sales and marketing, to discuss SAVI, which was developed after company representatives went across the country to speak with school security officials to gauge their security needs.

Hevia describes the self-auditing tool as “security from a holistic standpoint” which measures how well a school can withstand an active shooter event and teaches them how to choose a school security solution for their budget.

“What it’s viewed as from a school official standpoint is we’re not just another manufacturer trying to sell them security products. It’s a holistic kind of thing where literally we become the consultants to the school and we can tell them what they need to do to increase their security level.”

Check out the full interview to hear about NAPCO’s “good, better, best” approach to school security, which has enabled the company to create its Locdown line of security products that fit into any school’s budget.

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