7 Common Clery Compliance Violations; Reduce Your Chance of $54K Fine Per Violation

It’s been about 1 year since the Department of Education announced that Clery Act fines would increase to $54,789 per violation (more than double their original amount). Is your institution doing all it can to be compliant?

There are several common “mis-steps” that are commonly identified, says Hayley Hanson, Team Lead Higher Education, Husch Blackwell law firm. Common compliance problems include:

  1. Lack of policy statement on issues
  2. Lack of multi-disciplinary team, resulting in policy communication & implementation shortfalls.
  3. Not sufficiently detailing out policy statements in the Annual Security Report, that relate to other written policies at your institution.
  4. Clery geography mis-reporting.
  5. Waiting too long to gather the information to meet the October 1st filing deadline.
  6. Not maintaining security logs for your complete jurisdiction .
  7. Not having a separate process for missing person’s information.

And what’s the strongest words of advice? Begin compiling your required data for the Annual Security Report during the summer months before the October 1st deadline. Waiting until September to acquire your data points will almost surely create shortfalls in your Annual Security Report.

Being out of Clery compliance not only increases your institution’s chances of suffering large fines, it can also generate negative publicity that could damage your reputation.

Want to know more about how to avoid Common Clery Mis-Steps and reduce your chance of being fined? Check out Campus Safety HQ’s 2018 Action Plan “Clery Act Enforcement: Increased Fines and Clery Reviews”.

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