Master Servos on the Raspberry Pi. (the fun way)

A quick demo showcasing the Adafruit 16 channel servo hat with the Raspberry Pi 3b to control servos(robot parts)for any “real-world purpose” (or otherwise lol)

Part of an educational series that builds up to, but not limited to:

A fully customizable homemade robot..

Or even a home made bionic prosthetic…

All documentation, code and some cool videos can be found here:

The goal is to make it simple enough for ANYONE to dive in and to show people that they can do anything with a little resourcefulness and elbow grease 🙂 so please let me know what you think. Your feedback will better help me educate those who want this kinda knowledge but have no clue where to start or can’t afford an education(and hopefully enhance lives ya Kno?).


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