Question about a remote operated door

I’m trying to create a DIY remote door for my dog door flap. I have a storm door installed that has a built in dog flap. What I want to try to do is try to create something that can block the flap to stop them from getting in or out and can be raised vertically by remote.

Almost like a remote control chicken coop door or something. It’s a smallish opening, 9″x15″

I know there are a lot of really expensive pet doors out there that are automatic, but they wouldn’t fit in this door. And money is a little bit tight.

Does anyone have any resource on how I might be able to accomplish that? This is the door in question: .

I thought of maybe using one of those automatic car antenna to lift up/lower a piece of plexiglass that’s held in a channel. But I’d have no idea how to rig something like that up.

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