Seeking People who Tinker, Service, Maintain, and Refurbish Things with Electronics+Motors

We are looking to talk with Makers, Tinkers, Servicers, Maintince-ers, Refurbishers of Electro-Mechanical systems. 90 minutes, in facility, cool prototype testing. $350 Do you know anyone who plays with Drones, 3D printers, Robots, any sort of appliance, any sort of power tool, any sort of musical system/amps, any sort of pinball machines, small scale manufacturing equipment, RC cars, and applies lubrication in order to reduce internal friction on the components?

They might describe themselves as any of the following? 1 I am an Entrepreneurial/Maker. 2 I maintain or Service electromechanical things. 3 I work in Low Volume Manufacturing with assembly or preventative tool maintenance.
4 I work in Construction 5 I refurbish Appliances 6 I spend a large majority of my free time building, maintaining, and hacking professional grade consumer electronics 7 I teach others how to build electromechanical systems in a lab or makerspace type setting.

And they might have one or all of these concerns? 1 Difficulty applying lubrication as precisely as needed 2 Concerns about the lubrication getting on plastic components that you don’t want it to. 3 Concerns about the lubrication getting on electrical/electronic components that you don’t want it to.

If so… please please please forward them this link Boston:

Los Angeles or San Diego

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