Problem with NAO web page

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone who has experience with NAO can help me with a problem I’m having. I’m currently working with a group of NAO v3.3 robots running version 1.14.5 of the OS, and I’m using a laptop running Windows 10.

I can connect to all of the NAOs through Choregraphe and run code on them when they are connected to my router via Ethernet, but I currently cannot sign in to their personal web pages to change their settings. I can view the login screen when I enter their IP addresses into my web browser, but once I enter the default username and password, the site freezes and does not move on to the settings page.

I’ve tried switching web browsers, disabling my firewall, using Ubuntu, and connecting to the NAOs through a different router that’s been disconnected from the Internet, but nothing has consistently worked. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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