Where to start? *Motorized Cooler Project*

I’m trying to figure out how to add an electric motor (probably two, actually) to a big, 120qt cooler I have so that I can sit on it and pull my daughter in a wagon. I want to use swivel wheels on the front and steer with the rear drive wheels using a joystick.

I was originally thinking of robbing all the parts from an electric wheel chair, but they just go too slow. I don’t need it to go all that fast (I’d like it to go at least 6mph, but 10mph or more would be great.) but I do need a bit of torque as I’m looking to pull up to 400lbs at times between two adults on the cooler and my daughter in an attached wagon like a trailer.

So, I just have one question for you guys plus I’m hoping you can give me some search terms to start researching, mainly concerning the speed control and steering. The question is, do you think it’s better to start with an electric wheel chair or mobility scooter and try to make it faster or is it better to start from scratch?

Thanks so much for any advice you may have!

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