Can Robots Help Boost Your Startup’s Success?


It seems there are more startups than ever, but many of them fail to grow into their potential. Embracing modern technology could be a great way to make your company stand out.

Join us as we look at two case studies of startup companies that boosted their success by integrating robots into their manufacturing model.

Voodoo Manufacturing raises efficiency with robots

Voodoo Manufacturing, a company that creates 3D-printed models, was able to triple their output by using Universal Robots with a Robotiq gripper. They wanted to find a robot that could be programmed without too much difficulty, but would also be able to complete the tasks they had for it.

Voodoo Manufacturing tripled their output by using a collaborative robot.

They chose the Universal Robot UR-10 for its collaborative nature and excellent price point. The robotic arm is able to harvest and place plates into the 3D printers. The robot continues working into the night, even when everyone has left.

Using a Robotiq gripper, it pulls out models, places plates, and sets the printers to continue working. Using the Teach Pendant, members of the team were able to program the tasks into the robot without difficulty.

The company expects the investment to pay for itself within six months.

Lowercase 5-day integration project

Lowercase is an eyewear manufacturing startup in New York City. From the very beginning, they wanted to automate as much of their tasks as possible. They chose a Universal Robot and one of Robotiq’s 2-Finger Grippers to operate the CNC machine.

Lowercase quickly integrated a collaborative robot into their production process.

In five short days, the robot was able to operate the machine completely by itself. This allowed the team members to focus on a lot of other tasks crucial to the startup. The main obstacle that they faced was that integration costs were 3-4 times more expensive than the robot itself.

By choosing a collaborative solution, they were able to quickly and efficiently integrate their new robot into the production process. The easily programmable solution they chose from Universal Robots allowed them to make changes on the fly and still meet production on their 17 different glasses styles.

More and more startups are joining the robot revolution

Robots are automating more and more tasks in modern factories. By focusing on the things that are dangerous or repetitive to humans, they are opening up opportunities for those same humans to perform more fulfilling work.

Not only are startups embracing modern robotics, but the need for those same robots has inspired robotic startup companies. Since major industrial robots tend to be very costly, smaller robotics startups are filling the gap by offering more affordable solutions that still offer flexibility.

This is a perfect example of how robots are creating new jobs and new industries. Startups in manufacturing should look to these examples or build robots of their own, to better their chances of success.