First time choosing a servo, advice needed.

Hello everyone.

For my project I’m going to need a servo with these specs: >1.7, < 0.10 60ยบ/sec, metal gear, and around $10. This is the first time I have to use a servo and the vendor I go (in Brazil) has a list with some servos I could choose, from its list I ended up with these: Corona DS-319MG (4, 0,06s); EMAX ES08MD II(2, 0,08s); Corona DS-919MG (1,7, 0,06s).

I searched for reviews on youtube/google, but I don’t think they answered question on how reliable they are (my application is going to be similar to an aeromodel control surface).

Buying from another country is something I’d like to avoid, but I know other places where I may search for other models/makers.

I’d like to ask if anyone has experience with these servos and also what else should I look for when searching for one (I think every servo I searched has bad/mixed reviews).

Thanks in advance.

PS: This is the full list if anyone is interested (already filtered for my needs)

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