Parts needed for flask-controlled robot?

I want to start building a submarine robot, and first I want to get the boards that I need to control it and get my hands dirty with some simpler projects.

I’d like to control it with a flask web app with at least 720p streaming video, video that is also saved to the internal storage. Either the same device that’s hosting the flask app controls motors and gathers sensor data, or it can interface with something like an Arduino.

The sub will have six thrusters, a camera, LED lights, and at least half a dozen sensors like compass, temp, depth, etc.

My question is what is the minimum level of computing and control hardware that I need? Could a Pi Zero run that flask app with streaming? Could that handle the thrusters and sensors on it’s own, or does it need to interface with an arduino? Or would I need something like a Beagleboard X15? Or something in the middle?

I’ll figure out all of the other stuff on my own, but as the biggest purchase is the control hardware I’d love for someone more experienced to point me in the right direction.


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