Can anyone explain the mechanics behind this robotic wing design?

This is a wing design shared by a deviantart user but I can’t quite understand the workings of it, specifically the flapping gearbox which appears to utilize one dc motor connected to some arrangement of clamps which somehow turn the rods that the wing spars are connected to. I’m guessing that the clamps are setup in the opposing angles so that the single rotational action of the one motor results in symmetrical flapping of the wings?

The motors on the shoulders are easier to understand, they appear to use a worm gear connected to a dc motor to pull themselves up and down the stationary gear but I can’t be sure of this as to my understanding worm gears provide very slow movement but as you can see in the video below of this mechanism in action (they are the butterfly wings rather than the bird style wings (different mechanism) that the creator deviated to) the movement is quite fast.

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