Modular human sized robot I designed and 3d printed

Hey all! Just wanted to share my robotics project I’ve been working on. I am an artist and hobbyist engineer, and this is my first project of this scale, so its been fun and I’ve learned a lot! So far the head is almost done from a mechanical standpoint, along with the gripper. and the last parts of the arm are on the printer as I am writing this post.

The goal was to make the robot as modular as possible, so the neck uses a lot of the same parts as the arm, a right arm can be a left arm, and the gripper is interchangeable as well. The “eye” is created with a 8×8 LED matrix and controlled by motion sensing ultrasonic sensors. I am going to wire the “antennae” into the sensors as well so it responds to motion, but it was a last minute addition to make the robot more expressive.

the head

The Gripper

lots of other robot videos, along with earlier videos of this build are on that same youtube channel, check it out if that interests you! 🙂

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