Androids, cyborgs or robots?

I’m not sure if this is the right sub but I saw it under Futurology so maybe? My question is, which do you think of the above is most likely to happen to benefit the human race in the future?

Firstly, if someone could actually define an Android for me, that would be great. Are they essentially synthetic humans, or are they more or less than that? And if they are more or equal to humans, what rights should they have? Should they be there just for the betterment of mankind or should they be allowed to develop their own society and culture? I know I’m getting into morals but I only ask because I don’t really know what an Android is so I’m just asking questions based off movies and games, like Detroit: Become Human and the countless movies that inspired that game.

Now the other, easier two – do you instead think we will augment ourselves instead of making something else, something we are slowly doing anyway with more tech being added to stuff like prosthetic limbs and even early developments in prosthetics for areas of the brain?

Or do we do what our early fathers after WW2 thought we would do and just build a range of robots to do our bidding? And if we do, should we just limit their intelligence to manual or dangerous tasks or give them AI on the level of Robocop or The Terminator or even those robot-like vehicles seen in the Black Ops series of Call of Duty or Star Wars.

Personally, I think we while either augment ourselves or build robots, as that’s where we’ve done the most progress so far to date. But what do others think?

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