I want to build a “starwars” type robot but know almost nothing.

I want to create some robots for fun, ideally these robots would be able to be remote controlled or possibly given simple AI later, for now I want to create a frame work to allow them to be manually controlled and am assuming any future AI would be able to just take over the manual control frame work. I want them to be able to do things like move around, look aesthetic, and hopefully act as a frame work to give them other functions as I desire, like how R2D2 has all his various utilities. I would like to be as functional as I can, but ultimately I’m aiming for something that looks put together and asthetic. I know basic programming, and basic wiring and building structures. I just have no idea how to go about implementing a program even as simple as telling a motor to turn on. Is there a way to predict how my programming will work on the robot before I build it? and where do I learn how to actually design and put together an effective design?

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