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Robot demos at a trade show are always impressive. This is the perfect opportunity to see where technology is going. But apart from being spectacular, is your favorite demo productive like a real-life robot should be?
For automatica 2018, our Robotiq demo crew had to present collaborative robot applications that both enable new possibilities for manufacturers AND offer realistic KPIs. If you haven’t seen our demos via our
pages, here they are presented by our integration coach Nicholas Francoeur.

Thermostat precision assembly demo at the Robotiq booth

Pick & Place with the new
Hand-E Adaptive Gripper on the new
Universal Robots e-SERIES

Polishing demo with the new Force Node available on the
Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque Sensor
So, are those demo robots productive so far?
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Insights to see how they’re doing!
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Here’s how you do it:
  1. If not already done, create an account at
  2. As soon as you log in, you will see the 4 robots on the Robotiq booth and the 2 on Universal Robots booth.

Check the status of each demo robot

3. To subscribe to reports and setup alerts, go to notifications

Click on notifications

4. Setup your alerts settings

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5. Check all reports and notifications you want to receive.

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Customize your alerts settings
All robots on the booth have been made public for the week. Come back to Insights everyday to follow progress. If you already have a Universal Robots, it might be a good time to connect it to Insights in which you’ll know, for the first time, how productive your robot really is.
This is the first step into optimizing the performance of your collaborative robot application.
Click here to learn more about
Insights or visit us at booth B4.405 at automatica this week.
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