Robotics for Kids

Hey all! I’m working on building a video series about robotics for kids. I wan’t to find and review as many of these products that are under $100 each as I can. This is something that I’m funding on my own, and considering my YouTube channel doesn’t make any money yet, it’ll take some time to put together. I just launched my first episode about the Jimu Builderbots kit.

In the end, my goal is to find good kits that are safe, not horribly frustrating to use, and provide a fun yet educational experience for kids that are interested in electronics, robotics, etc…

Above is the URL to the Jimu video I’ve made so far. I’m open to tips and suggestions.

For those of you who don’t want to watch, my experience with the Jimu kit was basically this

— Easy to assemble

— Reasonably decent learning curvde

— Definitely had some minor educational aspects to it in terms of the assembly, but most educational aspects come from the logic in “programming” the toy robot

— The software was fantastic and worked flawlessly

— The instructions were “Meh” at best. The graphics didn’t match the parts, and the part numbers weren’t written on the parts either.

— When you drive it off of a platform, it breaks to pieces, requiring it to be assembled again.

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