Advice for a prospective robotics master’s student

Hi everyone! I’ll be graduating from my mechatronics undergrad soon and am looking into Master’s programs for robotics. It seems like some of you are current/past graduate students, so I thought you might have some advice to offer a newbie like myself.

  • I have a 3.9 GPA and about a year of work experience (mostly with mechanical design, some software development), but very little research experience. How important is research experience for course-based Master’s programs?
  • I’m planning on applying to KTH, ETH, EPFL, John Hopkin’s, and CMU (really only feeling confident about KTH). Are there any other schools that I should be considering?
  • Any thoughts of thesis-based versus course-based Master’s programs? My intention is to go into industry after, so I’ve mostly considered course-based programs.

Don’t really know any grad students studying robotics, so I’d really appreciate anything you guys have to share. Cheers!

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