Suggested Wireless Type and Controller Platform For This “Robotics” Application?

I’m in the process of scoping out a new project that is in the realm of robotics. It involves one wireless controller that a person would use to turn and drive four wireless “pod” systems. Each of the four pods simply receives communication from the wireless controller and turns/drives a wheel using a BLDC motor. This will be used to move large objects of different dimensions, so the pods will be mounted in different distances from each other depending on the scenario.

Some requirements:

  • One wireless controller directs four wireless “pod” systems

  • Pod functions: forward, reverse, turn left, turn right

  • Pods can operate independently so the wireless controller can send specific commands to individual pods

  • Pods do not need to communicate with each other or back to the controller (open loop)

  • Max range is around 20 feet

  • 10-12 GPIO on the pod controller

  • Cost is not critical, but would like to keep it under $50 for each pod dev controller

I’m looking for a platform that has some basic skeleton or similar application code that would allow me to get started quickly. I figure there’s lots of options, but I’d prefer a board set with an active community and lots of reference material.

Any suggestions?

FWIW, I have experience programming in C with Microchip PICs and Nordic bluetooth SOCs.

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