Good book for mechanical construction?

I’ve gotten a decent hang of the electronics and programming of robotics, but I’m not very handy when it comes to construction. Never been.

I struggle a lot with how to create joints for specific movement, angles and directions, how to lock things of various shapes and sizes in place, how to create ways to attach different parts together. What sort of fastening methods exist. How to create adapters between various sizes and standards. How to make the construction solid. Even how to measure and cut to end up with pieces that fit together properly. As well as general rules on do’s and don’ts.

For instance, I’m currently trying to get suspension on a bot I’m building, but the shock absorbers come with all sorts of ball joints and axles in all sorts of sizes, and I’m really struggling to figure out how to attach it all in a manner were they first of all attach, then rotate in certain motions, then without them just rapidly filing the joints down on movement as well.

Does anyone have a got book on this sort of thing without being too advanced? Just simple solutions for home/hobby construction.

I have some general robotics books already, but they mostly cover how to cut a base, attach wheels and work with different materials.

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