First Two Projects

Hey! I’m an engineer about to go back to college to get into the computer science side of things (Specifically aiming for a robotics program but we’ll see if I can make it into a decent one >.>). That said, my wife and brother brought up doing a project or two before I get into the school year. My brother has experience coding with the game industry and I’m currently doing a primer course on C++. So, he and I talked a bit and, partially because I already have two arduino’s, we decided the first would be a little camera on some servos to just look around and the second we’d step it up into a quadrotor. Neither one particularly fancy or anything. We are both doing the first one individually and coming together to do the quad.

That all being said, anybody know any solid resources or whatnot to help guide a new learner? These are both specifically for learning and exploring a bit on so we’re hoping to do most of the work ourselves. You know, for science!

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