Recommendations and Advice – Motor Driver for 12V Gear Motor with Magnetic Encoder

Hi, I am building a robotic insect leg that would be actuated by 2 DC motors for pan and tilt motions. Total weight of the leg is about 1.5kg and 1m long (moment arm ~0.5m). Magnetic encoder would be used to determine position.

This could be a very basic question but I have been searching for information regarding the wiring, control and suitable motor drivers to control the DC motors using Arduino to no avail. So any help would be greatly appreciated!

The two motors that I am using are Servocity’s DC gearmotors that come with magnetic encoders:


  • Will be used for tilt motion


  • Will be used for pan motion

The commonly used motor driver L298N supports peak currents up to 2A but both these motors have stall current of 20A. The torque/ speed curve is provided but no additional information about the torque/ current curve is available so not able to straightforwardly determine the max current required when running at lower torque requirements.

  • What would be a suitable motor drivers/ H-bridge that can be used with these two motors?

  • Any idea how to wire up these motors with the motor driver, encoder and Arduino?


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