ROSCon 2017: How to select a 3D sensor technology — Chris Osterwood (Carnegie Robotics)

Looking foward to ROSCon 2018 we’re highlighting presentations from last year. The ROSCon 2018 registration is currently open.

Finishing the first afternoon session Chris Osterwood provided an overview of different 3D sensing technologies and how to evaluate them.



System developers are faced with a new challenge when designing robots – which 3D perception technology to use? There are a wide variety of sensors on the market, which employ modalities including stereo, ToF cameras, LIDAR, and monocular 3D technologies. This talk will include an overview of various 3D sensor modalities, their general capabilities and limitations, a review of our controlled environment and field testing processes, and some surprising characteristics and limitations we’ve uncovered through that testing. There is no perfect sensor, but there is always a sensor which best aligns with application requirements – you just need to find it.


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