I’m just starting into robotics and I want to make a shitty fetch robot.

As a gifted kid I always felt pressure to never fail. Much like Queen of Shitty Robot Land, Simone, I have anxiety about failure. I’m about to enter my second year of space science in college (my 4th year of computer science, yay dual majoring and early college shit) and I feel like I’m a bit behind on making systems work and doing things without clear instructions. I blame the school system and my anxiety for that. So here’s how I intend to work on that.

I want to make a shitty robot. I want it to be a rover that in theory would throw a tennis ball. It would be remote controlled. Think of it as a way for people in wheelchairs or who are otherwise handicap and have weak arms to play fetch with their dogs or something. I don’t expect it to work. I want it to fail hilariously in whatever way it does.

What do I need to get started with this? Any ideas for it? I’m looking for advice, not a step by step. Though I will definitely take suggestions for equipment like soldering irons and for places to order parts. Keep in mind though that I’m a college student working part time at Joanns crafts and fabrics about 10 hours a week average.

I’m thinking of purchasing a kit for the rover part and then building the launching arm myself. It would all be controlled by a RC car controller. I know the basics of circuitry and how to solder. I’ve built a cricut sat before and took basic classes.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.

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