Where are the muscles?

Gears, hydraulics, pneumatics, memory metals soft bodies. Where are the fiberous actuators? Actuation is decades behind everything else. I’ve only seen a couple of attempts, and they were less than stellar.

Have I missed something? How do we expect to have androids with such clunky motive systems?

When I think robot, I think stone age. We need a renissance, people!

I had an idea about this back in my teens, and have yet to see anything even close to it. It couldn’t be done then. Nanotech was almost nonexistant, and energy systems were woefully innadequate. Now, I think it’s possible to pull off.

Semi-soft nano-sized strings of electromagnetic cells bundled in fiberous muscular form factors is how I envisioned the future of robotics.

Magnetics has come a long way. Locking technology is perfect for this application, reducing power requirements considerably to hold position. Superconducting advancements reduce energy loss, and nano fiberous materials like carbon nano structures make the perfect semi-soft foundation for building cells.

Someone out there get on this. I’ve held it secret long enough. I didn’t want to see military bots, but that ship has sailed. Might as well share my idea now. I want my android.

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