The Education System Has Failed Me

Hello everyone,

I have wanted to become a robotic engineer ever since I was young, and so naturally I had enrolled in the classes I felt were required to get me into the field. Unfortunately, subjects I was taught in school were taught in a very “non-applicable” manner. An example would be in mathematics, where knowing how to solve an equation to get the correct answer was encouraged. NOT the application of the equation, how I can apply this equation to real world systems, or what the hell they actually mean. Differentiation and integration for example… I know how to solve these, but I have no idea as to how to apply or create or derive my own equations in order to describe a robotic system I am trying to build for learning purposes.

The jacobian matrix taught at University for example…
“Class, this is the jacobian matrix” “It is used to control robotic systems. This is what it looks like”
End of. Done. That’s it…

I feel like I was told what to do, instead of taught why I was told to do what I was being told to do and how to apply this…
If that make sense?

I have worked for a number of companies free lance after graduation (UK education system here), and I have been successful in building a variety of interesting robots from scratch. However, I feel like all of these are flukes, and I would love to understand how to utilise differential equations for example, and to understand how to create my own, so that I can become a better engineer. I have bought books on Modern Control Systems, Linear Systems Theory. But again, they do not tell me how each concept can be applied to an actual system, and I am struggling to understand any of the material. I am currently unemployed out of fear that I will not be able to fulfil the requirements of my next employment role.

Thank you for your help!
I hope this has been posted in the correct place, I have literally made this account in the hopes that someone will be able to guide me toward bettering my understanding of a subject that I feel I am “bricking” consistently.

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