How do I align gears?

I’m building a robot where I will need lots of gears attached to motors and other gears, I’m pretty new to making gear systems and aligning them and it seems to me like it will need very precise measurements and mountings?

I’m wondering how I’m supposed to get that kind of precision.

For example, I need to make an arm for my robot, my plan is to use flanged bearings and shafts attaching the arm sections to each other, on the shafts there will also be gears that will attach to motors sitting on the arm sections, possibly using 90 degree angle gears. For the arm sections I’m thinking about using some kind of simple rectangular bar, maybe made of carbon fiber or aluminium or something.

So I suppose what I’d have to do is attach the flanges/shafts to these arm section bars, attach a gear wheel to the shaft, then try to position the motor and its gear to align with the gear wheel on the shaft. How will I do that accurately though? Do I just measure it out with a ruler and start drilling, is it that simple?

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