Battery charging and BMS question

Trying to figure out the best solution for a little robot type project. I’ve been salvaging 18650 cells and can pick the best 8 out of a hundred or so to power my build.

My ESC has enough range to connect them all in series, or to use them as 4S with a series of 4 times 2 batteries connected in paralel.

Whatever turns out being the best option, it would be great if I could charge internally (eventually even with ‘wireless/conductive’ charging).

I’ve been looking at BMS’s and watching youtubes about them (and reading some of the FAQ battery university link) but there are a lot of parameters and it’s hard for me to have a clear understanding of their inteaction.

Should I use a 4S (for a 4×2 paralel config) or an 8S BMS? Can I even use something like 2x4S or 8x1S BMS? Can I charge half the batteries of one inductive charger and the other half of the other? Are there simpler solutions that I’m missing? Are there any resources that I can read to understand the issues involved?

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